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Our Mission Statement

To provide the community with access to high-quality medical, social, and chaplain’s care to individuals and families confronted with end-of-life illness. We prioritize the quality of life of the patient while managing symptoms and educating the family members about what they can do. We also assist in establishing clear communication between the client and their loved ones.

We follow the framework of guiding principles:

  • Respect the dignity of each individual
  • Show compassion for all our interactions
  • Respect each others’ spiritual beliefs
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Strive for excellence through education

Suited in Missouri City Texas, Eden Hospice Care Services, Inc. is established on the belief that each person has the right to make their journey with dignity and comfort in a familiar environment surrounded by their loved ones. We understand that being in an end-of-life situation is fraught with different challenges for both terminally ill patients and their families. That is why we seek to open an opportunity for these individuals to be warmly surrounded by comfort and content for the duration of their life by steering through emotional, spiritual, and medical aspects.

To us, it is more than just dealing and giving comfort to these terminally ill persons. It’s all about their course in their final leg of life. As such, the family members of these individuals play the most important role in the journey, so we incorporate education into our approach to passing on knowledge on giving the right care and support to their cherished loved one.

When to Choose Hospice
Hospice is not a crisis service for just the last few days of life. It is a program designed to care for the patient and family during the last months of life. An earlier hospice admission allows both patient and family to receive the full benefit of hospice services. Additionally, when pain and other symptoms are effectively controlled, people not only feel better. They have the potential to live a better and more meaningful life to the fullest extent possible either at home or where ever they call home as well as continue their daily routines and favorite activities as long as possible.
More than one-quarter of hospice decedents enroll in hospice services only in the last week of life, a length of stay which is commonly thought to be of less benefit to patients than enrolling somewhat earlier.
Earlier referral allows more opportunity to provide meaningful and comprehensive care.

The benefits of choosing hospice earlier include:
For the Patient

  • Compassion and dignity with an individualized comfort care plan
  • Clinical excellence for pain and symptom management where you live
  • Decreased stress levels to positively affect quality of life
  • Comprehensive care that incorporates mind, body, and spirit
  • Reduction in unnecessary re-admissions to hospital / ER visits
  • Help with focusing on and developing personal goals before death
  • Preparation and coordination of advance directives
  • Reduced stress of traveling back and forth to hospital

For the Patient and Family

  • More control of the situation
  • Emotional and spiritual support for grief and counseling
  • Have closure with everyone together
  • Become knowledgeable and comfortable with the dying process
  • Achieve peace with pending death
  • Expert assistance and time to prepare for personal and financial matters
  • Save on expenses for medication, equipment, and supplies related to the terminal condition

For the Family

  • Able to observe their loved one in a more comfortable state during a difficult time
  • Opportunity to improve the quality of life of their loved one for the time that remains
  • Learn to assist in caring for their loved one